Friday, May 2, 2014

DIY Projects/2014

I decided it was time to organize a bit on this little ole' blog-
I'm in the midst of cleaning out the garage (again)
so I can work out there, but I'm a great one for moving from one project
to another without completion-
Adult ADHD big time-

 I've completed many DIY projects so far this year, so I figured I should
put them all together in one post so I can find them easily and convince myself
that I really can complete something!

You can click on the pictures to see the whole thing-

A photo collage of all my Christmas photos of my girls throughout the years-

The 99 cent ottoman transformation-

Roman shades for my kitchen-

My winter cardinal wreath-


DIY custom curtains

Painted tile top table-

My discovery of the Waterlogue app-
not my own creation-lol, but just about
the coolest photo editing app I've ever seen!

DIY Laundry room makeover-

Puppy Organizer!

Painted rug-

Powder room updates-

Book page wreath-

Well, this was going to be a post of my DIY projects
from January through April but
I didn't realize what February was filled with-
obviously, I have no life and must have ignored my family
for most of that month-
So, stay tuned-
March and April are coming soon-
Got to get back to that garage!

Take care, gotta fly-

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