Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Craft Fair Set Up

So, I'm about to step out into a world quite unknown to me-

A vendor at outdoor craft fairs-
You know the kind- the big white tents on town greens,
 all decorated with crafts and local artisans-
A bit overwhelming to me- 
but I ordered the big white tent-

Quite the hysterical sight- 
setting it up in my driveway alone-
It's called EZ Up - right?
Wrong- the box said goes up in 10 seconds-HA
 and you can do it yourself- NOT!
If I could have taken a picture of me inside it, I would have!

Not a pretty sight for sure 
but the show must go on as they say,
 so onward I go-

This is the lovely tent upright after my darling daughters
came to my rescue- guess they heard my screams!!

Now, the problem remained- 
how to decorate it- not really a problem- the fun part- 
Tables are borrowed from my sister-
 but I had to pick a color scheme- 

I looked out back and noticed 
my pup's cottage I painted a few years back- 

Turquoise and it really popped- so, yep, I went with turquoise-

Goodwill was my go to boutique for displays-

Last year, I found this "ladder", 
more like a display shelf and I
painted it red, white and blue for my 
Patriotic front steps-
 you can see it here-

So, turquoise it became-

An old step ladder from my garage-

A dirty green metal tray looks brand new
 with a shot of turquoise

These plastic orbs look kind of cool sprayed turquoise-
They will hang from the top of the tent, just to add color above-

A white stool pops in color!

White drop cloths will cover the tables 
and Job Lot had turquoise
 and white check table cloths for $4
 so they will go over the white cloth.

The tables will look something like this-

Now to figure out a display for my wreaths-
guess I'm heading back to my fave outlet!

So, wish me luck- the set up part, that is-lol-
hopefully the EZ Up Tent will be easy
and the show goes on!

Take care, gotta fly-


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