Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Gray Bathroom

With all the snow we've had this winter-
We have been hunkered down in our house a-lot!

TV is a good distraction,
 crocheting, reading, blogging and
 even planning a new Etsy shop has kept me busy-
But, when I'm inside for too long,
 I notice things that need painting-

Therefore, the bathroom was my next victim-

This is a small powder room and 
the only one on the first floor-

It was painted a pale green, the peachy tile is original-
 about 60 years old- in good shape 
but the color leaves much to be desired- 
I ignore it and usually cover it up with a large throw rug-
But now, I have my new painted rug!

This is a good closeup of the tile floor-

 I had leftover paint
 from my laundry room project so 
it was time for a change-

I taped around the window, ceiling and trim- 
so proud of myself, I never do the proper prep!

I love the color in here, still using the same gallon of Martha Stewart's "cement" color paint-

Remember the rug I painted-

The fabric is just hanging over the rod for now,
 gotta get the sewing machine going again and
 I found some odd reclaimed wood box 
which will be part of the window treatment- 
I'll show you that when it's done!

You never know what you'll find at GW,
but I do love the goodwill hunting 

and after looking at these pictures of the floor-
I feel another change coming!!

Take care, gotta fly-