Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Beautiful Wedding Shower

My middle daughter is in her college friend's wedding-
 Kate and Scott are tying the knot in June-

The bridesmaids threw her a beautiful shower
 over this past weekend. 
What fun we had making all the decorations 
to celebrate Kate on this happy occasion!

Pink, and I mean PINK was the color scheme-
Mason Jars were the main event
 but we dolled them up to a point 
of almost no recognition!!

Be prepared for lots of photos!

Unpainted wood  hearts and letters were "pinkified"!

and then GLITTERED with more pink!

Large cardboard monograms were painted
and then covered in sparkly pink scrapbook paper-

Two sizes of mason jars were used-
these are the smaller ones
wrapped in white sparkle tulle ribbon

We tied pink tulle around the white
 and tied it in a big bow!

Hot glue secured the painted toppers
onto the lids, but not for long!

Corks came to the rescue-
sliced in half and glued to lid-
awe glued the adornments to the corks-

We used jewelry wire to fashion these "Love" signs-

1/2 corks were slit and the bottom 
of the letter V slid in nicely-

Corks were glued to the tops
 of the large cardboard letters-

A sparkly "celebrate" adorned the "S"!

The large "K" got a special treatment!
A miniature bridal veil and silk roses
added that special touch!

A white frame showcased the shower invitation-
Pink glitter and roses too!

A white and pink decorated birdcage 
to hold the gift cards-

The finished project- all set for 
the beautiful bridal celebration!

The room looked beautiful all set up
for the special celebration!
Best wishes to Kate and Scott!

Take care, gotta fly-


Monday, April 14, 2014

15 Fabulous Ways To Decorate Easter Eggs

When my girls were little, 
dying Easter eggs was a big deal-
They loved this tradition and mama bird 
would boil up 3 dozen eggs so
 each girlie would be even steven!

I can remember just using the wax crayon
 and dipping the egg into the dye
 and re dipping it to get a more vibrant color hue. 
 As the years went on, "cool" dye kits appeared-
 ones with stickers and decals, 
wrappers that shrink wrapped the eggs- 
oh my, what fun!
As the girls got older, their creative streaks grew- 
wrapping eggs with rubber bands,
 tie dying the eggs, designs with their names,
 and even some double dips with decals and rubber bands- 
I loved their excitement when their "creations" were complete! 
My three little Picassos!!

These days, the ideas are crazy creative 
and I want to share some amazing eggs that were created with
 some ordinary household items-

Tea stained and White Sharpie-


Sharpies and Rubbing Alcohol-

Shaving cream-


Nail Polish-

Electrical tape-

Food Dye-


Metallic Pens

Paint and Stencils
(and I would have to imagine alot of patience!)

Ferns and tulle-

Hand stamped-


Lettering Stickers-

Hope these "egg-ceptional" ideas inspired you 
to think outside the carton(box)!!

Take care, gotta fly-