Tuesday, September 16, 2014

DIY Simple Fall Decor

With the leaves turning colors and the air feeling crisp-thoughts turn to creating a warm cozy feeling in our homes.

Adding touches of fall colors with layers of warmth can take your home to the next season without breaking the bank.

Silk floral, faux pumpkins and foliage are the key ingredients in adding warmth to your look-

Candles set the mood all year, but as days grow shorter, it's a lovely feeling to add ambience- I love using pre lit candles with timers- set them to come on as the sun sets. A welcome to you after a long day.

Golden sunflowers and mums are an easy way to welcome in the season- a wreath on the front door and pots of glorious colored mums at your entrance will make a warm and inviting welcome to your home.

Fruit and flowers combined are a true feeling of Harvest time. Combining the two in an arrangement or a wreath creates a sense of natures bounty at its best.

Leaves, real or silk, add layers of warm color to your home imitating the change of seasons and bringing nature indoors.

Pumpkins are aplenty this time of year.  Again, real or faux, pumpkins make decorating for this season fun and easy.  Display a ball of mini pumpkins in a big wooden bowl with seasonal fruits and vegetables.  Make an arrangement of faux pumpkins- add silk flowers, paint them, glitter them, dress them up- check out my Pinterest board of Pumpkins with over 200 ideas of fun projects to do with them- amazing creativity! 

Take a walk, collect acorns, twig branches, leaves and berries- add these to vases and bowls-
Nothing fancy, just a touch of Autumn's Harvest to welcome the season with color and warmth into your home.

You're one step away from adding Fall inspiration to your home decor!

Take care, gotta fly-

Friday, September 5, 2014

Pinterest Project Failed

Have you ever had a simple project in your head and you are so excited to get started?

Me too!

Burlap pumpkins from the Dollar Store seemed like a fantastic and quick little project that any DIY'er could do, right?

There was inspiration all over Pinterest- and I had all the materials on hand- simple, no new cost and adorable- I didn't even consider I'd fail in this little endeavor- lol!

I used natural colored burlap and orange to spice it up! I cut the burlap into strips, mod podged the pumpkins, layered the podge on the burlap, pressed it down on the $1 pumpkin- in the crevices and around the stem.  It wasn't really easy to smooth down the sides but I'm impatient in every way so I kept squeezing the burlap tighter and tighter. 

Don't know if that was my problem- my inability to wait for things to dry or my inability to admit a fail on this project. I re coated with mod podge 2x- it didn't look great but I waited it out.....

This morning, they looked like this- sad, sad little pumpkins....

Well, you win some, you lose some and this was a big loser- lucky for me I didn't spend lots to get them to this stage! They are heading to the pumpkin patch graveyard!

I won't even mention my attempt at the scrapbook paper- mod podge disaster!

On to the next project but may not include burlap and mod podge!

Take care, gotta fly-