Friday, November 28, 2014

Upcycled Holiday Decor

I am giddy when it comes to holiday decorating!

I can't wait for the Halloween orange to be done in all the stores and 
replaced with the little white twinkling lights-

Over the years, my Christmas Decor has evolved-  gone are the days of the 
Boyd's Bears dressed in matching plaid vests-

I love mixing it up with vintage and Upcycled items and we all know where my favorite place to go for supplies.....The Goodwill "Boutique"!

Lamp bases are my go to these days- from a topiary to a table arrangement-
 the unexpected treasures I find thrill me beyond words-

Candlesticks, styrofoam and a glue gun are my tools to create the perfect piece of holiday splendor-

This stand was found in a store named "Junk", so of course, I had to snatch it up!  The owner asked me what I was using it for and I replied, "Christmas decor"!  He gave me a strange look and then laughed!

My intention was to shabby it up with some chalk paint but then decided "au naturel" was the was to go.
I looked around my garage for the perfect accessory-
Grapevine seemed a natural solution and I happened to have a large roll left-

Topped it off with a "found" doorknob and some sparky star lights-

Adds a bit of rustic charm to any space!

Take care, gotta fly-

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Goodwill Holiday Decorating

Goodwill is my favorite go to store for almost anything in home decorating and it doesn't end there-
My holiday decorating has always gotten a boost from thrift store finds-

You can see some of my holiday finds over the past years, here, and here.

This year is no different- Goodwill is a crafty persons dream- supplies still in store wrapping can be found in every dumpster bin you look at- wreath forms, trees, garlands, lights- really, anything you are looking for- it may not be the exact color or size but with a little transforming and repurposing, you can have the holiday decor of your dreams!

Christmas decor can be found year round- no one discriminates when they should throw stuff into the Goodwill bins so you can find trees in June or Hawaiian skirts in January- there's no rhyme or reason to the timing and if you don't mind having a hoarders garage, you are all set for every holiday event!

Here are some of my holiday finds this year-

This frame was last years find but I'm looking forward to hanging it up in a few days!

Check out your local Goodwill store to find the perfect gem for your Holiday decor!
Love using recycled items and making them my own!

Take care, gotta fly-