Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I adore a great re purpose, but who doesn't?  It's creative, economical, fun and helps the landfill situation-  

frames, old and new, are a great start for your re purposing decor for your home!

This is a great idea for containing spray painting projects- if only I had seen this when I went a little crazy last summer with my fave turquoise spray !  Love the color just not the fence!  I do admire my turquoise garbage cans though! Lol. Hubby's not thrilled!

This is a fab idea for craft show displays- the small size for jewelry size items but a bigger one could be fashioned out of the large, discarded GW oil paintings I see frequently-
who doesn't love chalkboards- especially decorative ones- I have made many of these in my time and love how easy they are to create!

This one is a beauty- any color can be used to coordinate in your rooms-

This is too sweet- a perfectly special frame to safely hang your ring when you fear for it's safety- washing dishes, spray painting fences and garbage cans....

Create a little stone spa if you're inclined!

Love the look of this new and improved filing cabinet- from boring and blah to simply fabulous!

What a terrific idea to showcase any small collections be it jewelry, nail polish, or whatever strikes your fancy!

Love a great tray and chalkboard paint makes it even better- make a bunch and use them in a buffet display - write the food item or cute little phrases- "Bon appetit-

Jewelry display using an up cycled wicker frame and a bit of chicken wire-

A wall collage of empty frames!

Love this idea and one I will definitely try out with a frame and candlestick or lamp base-

What a beauty!

You can find the source for all of these crafty ideas on my Pinterest board framed!  

Remember to keep your eyes open for unique or quirky frames to up cycle- bring it back to life in a new creation just for you!

Take care, gotta fly-

Monday, April 13, 2015

DIY Goodwill Tiered Servers

 Remember the metal cake pans I got at Goodwill?
I had to wait for some springtime weather to get outside with my fave spray paint-
Well, Happy to report, I DID!

This is what they looked like at last post-

And this is what it looks like now! Great ideas don't have to cost a pretty penny
just a few pennies!

I also showed you my 3 tier wooden server here- ahh, maybe I forgot-whoops!
Three unfinished wood squares from AC Moore-glued together with candlesticks and voila white spray paint turns it into a great piece.

 I added the 4 little candle cups as feet-
With coupons, this one came in at $11!
Well, with some paint and a lick and a promise-

This is a little Ikea hack!
Love Ikea for cheap but cute things-
The metal serving dish was glued to a wood candlestick I painted
(and we know where that came from!!) and painted white-

Keep your eyes open for ideas galore!
Take care, gotta fly-

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Can you feel it?
I can almost smell it!

Spring is almost here-Alleluia, Hallelujah,Halleluyah-
whichever way you spell it, Spring is coming!!

The sun is out and the days are longer-
time to add a bit of spring to our homes, lighten them up,
 blankets put away, new pillow covers, flowers in every room,
 just a smidget of spring adds a bit of happy to your home-

Here are some simple, inexpensive ways to add sunshine and smiles-

Throw pillows are one of my addictions-
Love them and they can change the mood of an entire room-
colors, patterns and textures are all part of a beautiful pillow-
Sunny colors add some life to a tired out sofa-

Add a bunch of tulips or force forsythia branches to bloom inside-

A welcoming Spring Wreath on your front door-

Simple touches go a long way in welcoming Spring time into your home-

Take care, gotta fly-