Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Daughter's Blog

My oldest daughter, Kerry, has had a very exciting year and a half.

She got engaged in December 2012-
She got a new job in April 2013-
She got married in August 2013-
She quit her job in August 2014-

She took a wildly courageous leap and started culinary school in August 2014-
She started a foodie blog in August 2014!!
(She was also born in August-a true Leo!)
August is definitely her month to shine!

All fabulously great things!
A mother can brag, right?

Kerry has always loved watching the Food Network, like many of us-
 She graduated from college and moved to Baltimore, Maryland 2 weeks later.
On her own, (our little Mary Tyler Moore) in her little apartment,
 a "short" 5 hour drive away from home-
She cooked a bit, but mainly to survive.

Two years later, NYC was where she landed with her "bestie" from college.
That's truly when her love for cooking truly began.  She would make "Sunday dinners" for her friends.
She had no fears in the kitchen, creating scrumptious meals over the next couple years-
I do recall one meal she spoke of where cinnamon was used "generously"!!  Her boyfriend, (now husband),
survived the meal and even encouraged her on this tremendous leap!

After years of working 60+ hrs a week and readily available by phone 24/7,
she wanted a change- 
 Her love of creating meals had grown by leaps and bounds- 
entertaining groups of friends was something she looked forward to and did often.

August 1st was her last day working at her office- gone are the 5 inch heels and designer suits and
 replaced with chef whites and running shoes-

It is written with humor and self deprecation at its best!  As I read each incredibly well written post, I can't help but beam with pride at the woman she has become and I am anxiously awaiting further misadventures of the next "Julia" to unfold.

Go check out her newbie blog, more than just food, good Irish girl humor as well!
By the way, she learned none of her cooking skills from me-
only how to make a table look pretty!
Take care, gotta fly-

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mirrored Mason Love

Blogging has opened up a whole new world for me-
My addictive personality is gleaming with joy-
my hoarder obsession - not so good-

I am addicted to Pinterest-
anyone who follows me knows I have a problem, I admit it-
obsessive-compulsive-even nuts, may be terms used by dear friends
to describe me-
and it won't change, just face the fact 
I will never be an organized,
 everything in its place,
 finish one project before I start another,
kind of person.
That said, mason jars are also an obsession-
I have been crafting with them for about a year-
you can read old posts about them here and here.

Some of my cutie patootie mason jars!

Spray paint is another love of mine-
who doesn't like instant gratification?
Come on people, I know you're out there...

Mason jars and Krylon Looking glass spray paint are truly a match made in heaven-
I'm not going to credit one person for this idea- it's all over Pinterest so 
start searching and you'll most likely find 100+ pins out there-

The blue and green jars are my favorite but Pinterest has also introduced me to
staining them with Rit dye and Mod Podge- haven't tried that yet but......

Mirrored Mason Jars are the bomb!
Super easy and you get such a bang for your buck- literally!

So, begin with clean, dry jars-

Shake the living daylights out of the Looking Glass spray paint-
hold the jar up, give it 4-5 quick spray squirts-
now, the hard part(wink)
roll the jar back and forth and after about a minute of rolling,
turn it upside down on an old surface-

Now wait-
about a minute or two,
and repeat..
now wait, a minute or two and repeat-
you get the gist of it-
I did this step 4 times- you decide when you like the look-

Oh yea, read the directions-
thought I'd make a mirrored shell-

only on glass my friends, only on glass!

So, go have some fun and spray away!

Take care, gotta fly-