Sunday, December 20, 2015

Another look- PAPER ROSES-#2

A quick look back over 5 years on Bless My Nest-

This is by far the most popular post on my blog over the past 5 years with close to 11,000 views!  It is still one of my favorite crafts that I've done- amazing since I'm kind of a craft junkie-

I usually tire of a crafty home decoration over time but this topiary is still on display in my living room( partly because of the time it took and the number of times I practically burned my fingertips off!!)

Remember those pretty paper roses from my valentine frame?

Remember how I told you they took alot of time to make
 and I had to stop. 
That I would never make anymore.

never say never.
I started a little project
there weren't enough of those paper roses.
  I could have put it all away
 just taken out the heart frame
 each Valentine's Day.
that would have been the easy way out,
and no one calls me

So, out came another book.
I ripped long strips and modge podged
them to the styrofoam ball. 
 They didn't stay very well so
I tacked them while they dryed.

I cut the pages into squares
Then I cut around
and around
and around
 in a circle.
Got my trusty glue gun out,
and went to town!!

This time I decided to make a topiary.

I told you they would be seen again (very soon)
They took me way too long to make
they certainly can't be put away

here they are again!
After I took pictures,

the topiary began looking very familiar-
then it dawned on me-
I had seen this before!  LOL!
Kim from CheapChicHome
had made a very similiar sphere
 that I had loved!
So, thanks Kim, for the inspiration
(you should definitely check out her blog-
talk about inspiring!!)

 I am so happy with my little piece of heaven-
  my topiary!
Take care gotta fly-


Saturday, November 14, 2015

DIY Topiary

I love a great looking topiary-
different shapes, sizes, ivy, floral, real or faux

Obsessed is more like it-
But, have you seen the prices in department stores-

so I thought I'd show you how to make a quick but elegant topiary that can be used during the holiday season- best part, it can be displayed all year long because it doesn't scream "I'm a holiday decoration"

The base is always important- tall, short, what's your preference? I love 'em all- tall, squatty, fat or thin.

for this one, I found a beauty- tall and lean with a substantial weight- perfect for the center of my table

First thing I did was glue a square chunk of styrofoam to the top-

hot glue worked well.I decided this would be all kinds of greens- different textures is always more pleasing to the( this) eye!

I had tons of greenery in my stash so I cut off branches about 4 " long and began at the bottom, working my way up to the top.  I wanted this to be a ball shape since my base was tall.  Once I added enough greens, i kept spinning it to fill in any gaps so it would look full and lush from all sides.

A simple topiary that can be made in about 30 minutes-

Inexpensive but oozes with charm!

Visions of topiaries dance in my head-
I've made them for every season, every holiday or just because!

So, next time you are out thrifting in Goodwill or a department store, and you spy a sad looking and sickly base, remember with a bit of DIY, you can bring it back to life with some crafty love-

Take care, gotta fly-