Thursday, December 18, 2014

DIY Memory Ornaments

I love Christmas ornaments that evoke memories of yesteryear.
Each year, as I drag my boxes of ornaments up from the basement, huffing and puffing,
I am excited to begin the process of decorating our tree with memories again this year..

My daughters have made many ornaments over the years, mostly in grade school.
The thumbprint snowman from preschool always touched my heart-

The gingerbread man scribbled with marker, 
the 5 years together ornament always puts a smile on my face-
it was an ornament for a couple being together for 5 years 
but she was 5 and was with us for 5 years! too sweet

My mom gave the girls an ornament each year, with their name and date so those are precious momentos we cherish.

She started the shoe collection for the girls

The teapot collection-

The Wizard of Oz collection-

This family tree is one of my favorites!

As you decorate your tree this holiday season, I hope special memories
are putting a smile on your face too!

Make some memories for your family-

Take care, gotta fly-

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

"Christmas Crack"

I never post recipes because I don't really like to cook, but I do love to eat! 
 My daughter has a food blog, (Culinary Misadventures) because she loves to cook
 and is an amazing chef! It's not a trait passed down to her-
But, I do love to eat!(Said that twice!!)

My newest favorite treat to make for the Holidays is crack, Christmas Crack!
I'm not a wonderful baker who makes dozens of kinds of Cookies for the Holidays-
My usual toll house dipped in chocolate is my go to recipe, until

I found this recipe last year after tasting it at a party- that was it, hooked on the stuff-

It is so simple I'm almost embarrassed to write about it!

Ingredients include-
Box of saltines
Bag of semi sweet chocolate chips
Brown sugar

That's it-
Preheat oven to 350
Line a cookie sheet with foil and spray foil with Pam.
Line saltines on pan- as close to each other as possible.

In saucepan, melt 1 cup butter and 1 cup brown sugar- melt it and stir-
Remove from heat as it just starts to thicken.

Pour this sugary butter liquid all over saltines- spread with knife to cover all crackers.
Bake in oven for 5 minutes.
Now spread about 2 cups of chocolate chips all over the saltine pan.

Wait about a min, and spread the chips with a knife. The minute gives the chips enough time to really melt which makes it simple to spread.

Let pan sit for about 2 hrs until hardened( you can speed this up by putting in fridge),

Once dry, crack it up and store in airtight container.
(That is if you have any left to store!). 

A deliciously scrumptious treat you will adore, I promise!

Take care, gotta fly-