Thursday, September 3, 2015

DIY Goodwill Pumpkin Decor

What a find-
A goodwill find! Some people toss the best things-
Two large white foam pumpkins and I was so excited-

I took off the plastic stem and started cutting out the center-

Although it's foam, I used a steak knife and cut away-

I grabbed my stash of floral supplies and decided to try 2 different looks- an Autumn color scheme and a neutral one- I'm personally not a fan of the warm autumn colors in my own decor so the 2nd way was going to be more to my liking-

I started with a small spray of roses, vines and leaves in the center, and went from there-

Adding as I turned it-

I was wrong about these colors- 
they bring a warmth to my blue and white room and
love how this looks on my coffee table!

I decided to make the 2nd pumpkin centerpiece with all neutrals-

I used a grapevine twist with silk roses and a silk garland of roses-

This was much quicker since I didn't have to arrange the flowers inside-


I found the metal stem at TJ Maxx in clearance -perfect for my cute pumpkin!

I love both style pumpkins but the 2nd one is my fave!  What about you?

Take care, gotta fly-

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Goodwill "Framed" Wreath

Goodwill is always my store of choice when looking to up cycle anything and everything-

So, when I saw this large wooden frame, my first thought was I can make a rustic wreath for the front door-

Starting off with a thrift store frame, any size will work- I chose to make mine vertical vs horizontal because the frame is about 14" x 18".

The next step is to decide if you want to cover the whole wreath or accent a side.
This is one I made covering the whole frame-

so this time, I chose a one sided framed wreath.

I started with green leaves, vines, pods, sticks, and my glue gun!

Little by little, I added more-

I filled the vertical space, up and down

After finishing the side, and hanging it up, I like it hung the horizontal way!  Which way do you like it?

Take care, gotta fly-