Tuesday, January 28, 2014

DIY Roman Shades=Kitchen Warmth

I love my kitchen

The new paint color is rich with warmth-

The furniture change has been good- 
the black brings a rich warmth to the space-

I have a lot of light in my kitchen 

The bay window brings sunshine into the space 
each morning-

What I don't have are warm windows,

The room is cold not from the colors
 but from the below freezing temps 

(and my ancient energy inefficient windows)-

The curtains I made this fall are fine but there is no warmth to them

So, with a day off from school, 
I decided to make warm shades- 
of the roman kind-

I found this fabric in the clearance section 
at Jo Ann Fabrics and with a coupon-
It was $4 yd- 

I've made them before
 so the assembly wasn't difficult -
 the most important
part of the project is measuring
 since they need to fit perfectly
 into the window frame-

I took pictures of each step 

so if you can use a tape measure- you're golden!
Sewing helps but I'm sure handy folks out there
 know all about fabric glue, too!

I did write a step by step tutorial to follow, 

but there are so many ways to make these-
some use mini blinds, or dowels or keep them stationery.

If you google diy roman shades, the ideas are endless.

I actually followed the tutorial from
 those crafty gals at 
Shanty 2 Chic , so go check it out
and each step is in living color-

- here are a few more sites to check out-
Little Green Notebook, shows the mini blind method and
Craft, Interrupted uses that method too!

I'm happy with the results,
and they do the job, bringing warmth to
the windows and eating area in the kitchen-

But, I will admit, they took me longer than 1 day-
I kept getting distracted with other projects!

Take care, gotta fly-

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