Thursday, January 30, 2014

DIY Winter Wreath

I love making wreathes
and I saw many pinecone versions
before the holidays on Pinterest-

You can find all these on my Pinterest wreath board-

I have a thing for cardinals-

A few Christmases ago, I started a small cardinal tree-
and since then, cardinals have brought a special meaning to my life-

Most of those wreathes were made for the holidays but
I think they are the perfect winter wreath-

And isn't there an upcoming holiday that boasts red?

So, I decided my front door needed a cardinal wreath to add to the chilly winter season!

I took a trip to the GW outlet because I knew I'd find the supplies that were needed
to create my own pinecone wreath-

Sure enough, I found a plethora of pine cones-
a wooden tray, working white lights, a globe and
a grapevine wreath with a few pinecones hanging by a wire!

All for $9.80

And a wreath with a few pine ones hanging by a wire-

I also had white plastic pine cones in my Christmas boxes 
and cardinals
from my small bird tree-
I was set to go!

Some of the pine cones had picks attached to them already and some I wired on-
The tiny ones got a drop of hot glue-

The wreath was ready for some paint-

Although, it's much too cold to spray paint, 
I did anyways!!

I was spraying it white so if I got some on the snow, and a plastic planter -oh well!

It dried quickly- lol
It was 20 degrees out!

Ready to be beautified with some cardinals..
Now, if only I had a red front door, ha ha ha
Only kidding Charlie!!

I hot glued the birds in no order and added the heart ribbon to
Give it a perfect Valentine look-

And that's it-
A pretty addition to the front door that
Makes me smile when I see the cardinals in the middle of winter!

Take care, gotta fly-

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