Wednesday, February 5, 2014

DIY Tile Top Table

This is a table I tiled awhile back-
it comes in handy during parties to hold hot items-

I got tired of this dark look and decided to give it a 
paint job-
so, this is the tile top with a 1st coat of cream satin

2nd coat

I painted the base gray

I added a bit of sky blue

no, not right yet..

then a brighter blue-

then, I added a deeper gray
and dry brushed it over the blue

I added this ornamental wood flourish
to add some more detail-

The tile got 3 good coats of paint
and once it dried,
I covered the tiles with clear wax
 and rubbed and rubbed and rubbed-

It looks finished-
but I don't know how the tiles
 will hold up with the paint and wax-

Time will tell, but for now, 
I like the new piece in the dining room-
a bright and cheery accent piece that acts as an extra buffet-

Take care, gotta fly-

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