Monday, February 17, 2014

DIY Laundry Room Makeover

warning: extra long post, get a snack before reading-

The time has come for a face lift... 

of the laundry room variety-
No structural changes-
No major appliance swapping-
No new shelves-
No major renovations using power tools-

Just a little paint, 
organizing and wrapping paper!

Way back when, I changed the broom closet 
in this small space into a pantry-
 some shelves, a couple big tubs
 for the puppy chow-

And some wrapping paper-
I have the 24 hour bug with a teeny budget-
Wallpaper would have cost too much moo la
 and the time would have 
been over my 24 hr limit!

I also had the wrapping paper,
 so it was a win win for me!
You can see the pantry here

The laundry room is off the kitchen-

It is basically a mini hallway that includes 4 doors-
one into the garage, one into the kitchen,
one to the backyard, and the last door is the pantry-

A little space with more doors than walls!

A few years ago, I brightened it up
 with a gallon of "oops"
paint from Home Depot- you know that kind-
An incorrect mix that no one wanted-
Well, there 's a sucker born everyday- 
and you're looking at her!

Bright and cheery- a bright shiny salmon-eeks

What was I thinking!  lol

Because it was basically a tiny hall,
 I didn't pay much attention to  
the horrid color 

I painted the kitchen-

Now, the laundry room clashed so badly that 
I knew it couldn't stay- 

I picked a neutral color palette

but before I began beautifying the space,
I needed to Kilz the whole room
 including all the doors-

I was thrilled to finally be rid of that color!

The four cabinets above the washer and dryer

 have removable panels-

I had spray mounted fabric that 
coordinated with my old kitchen curtains-

I picked Martha Stewart's "Cement"
 color paint in a satin finish-
no more high gloss for me!

I painted all the doors a semi gloss white
 and then got busy with the gray walls-

Next up, the door inserts-

I checked Jo Ann fabrics for a gray pattern
that would be perfect,  but I left empty handed-
which is rare for me, when it comes to fabric-

Then, I remembered a roll of wrapping paper I

had picked up at Marshall's after the holidays-

It was a perfect match with the paint!

My trusty spray mount 

would come in handy again!

I used the inserts as a pattern,
 cut the wrapping paper to size and
spray mounted it to the wood-



I used the same hardware
and dipped it into the can-

I love the change-
the dark room looks clean and bright

The carpet runner also got a face lift-

Ballard Design came to the rescue again-
found the runner and door mat on sale for $40

Love the change it makes-
the gray indoor/outdoor
runner will mainly be used by paws
and since it will get dirty
 they are easy to bring outside to hose down.

What a change a little paint
wrapping paper
can make!

Here's a little teaser
for the room

Bet you're happy this post is over- 
now go take a nap!

Take care, gotta fly-

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