Monday, January 13, 2014

DIY collage

I had some free time on Christmas Eve 
before my entire family arrived at my home-

so, why not open up my photo boxes
and create a collage of Christmases past-

I need my head examined at times-
But, I was feeling especially sentimental this Christmas
and I figured my family would understand if they
arrived and I was still in my pj's!!

I had a framed cork board on my kitchen door
that my calender sat in-
it was almost the end of the year, so I took
it down and shoved it in a drawer!
The last week of December isn't that
important so I changed things up! 

I added many pictures of Christmas card pictures from the past years-
My daughters' first Christmases, some of my childhood Christmas shots
and some of my mom too-

Although it was a strange time for me to start a picture collage, 
it turned out to be the perfect time-

My family enjoyed seeing all the old pictures
and I'm keeping it up so I can spy all the cute shots of Christmas past!

Next year, I think I'll add a memory picture tree!

Take care, gotta fly-

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