Monday, February 24, 2014

DIY Painted Rug

I wanted a rug to go with my newly painted powder room 
but I didn't want to spend much money-

Some of my DIY projects that start with what I already have, 
don't always stay within my under $10 budget- 
but the powder room was painted with leftover paint 
and I had already purchased fabric for the window
- so use what ya got- right?
  But, I hated the throw rug I had so, I scoured Pinterest for some inspiration-

Boy, did I find it- these bloggers took the idea of painting a rug
 to a whole new level!!

So, what did I have to lose!!

The throw rug is cream, and it was about $10
 but I was never happy with it, so 
time to try painting-

I chose a simple block pattern- 
had tape and no stencils so used what I had-

As you can see, I taped the rug onto the wood floor
 and eyeballed the pattern-

I pressed the tape down with my nails
 to make sure it was adhered tight enough 
so paint wouldn't seep under the tape- 
I also used a junky brush and tapped the heck out of it!

Now, the fun part-
 ripping off the tape and crossing my fingers
 that no paint seeped under the tape-

Yea!! It worked!!

Not bad, for a project that took 30 minutes- 
I love how easy this was-
 and best of all, no $$ was spent 
since I used the leftover paint 
from the laundry room makeover and the powder room-
 amazing what you can do with one gallon of paint!!

You can see a snippet of the new wall color in that picture too!

Love the new rug, and I can't wait to try it out on a larger one
with a cool stencil!

Take care, gotta fly-

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