Friday, February 28, 2014

DIY Book Page Wreath

I'm a wreath junkie-
 wreathes are a weakness of mine,
(along with chalkboards, and ice cream!)

Pinterest has been a great way to feed my habit-
Sometimes, just pinning a gorgeous wreath,
 gives me the feeling of almost making one!

I love all wreathes created with book pages and coffee filters-
I made a coffee filter wreath
 a few years back and 
it still looks as good as new-

I've made crafts with book pages but never a wreath, 
so with my sister's recent move, 
the perfect opportunity sprang up
 to fashion her a book page wreath for her new home! 
Books are a huge part of her life- 
she reads books, writes books and edits books-

She's the perfect candidate for a book page wreath- 

I bought the wreath frame a couple of years ago
 on clearance at Michael's-

You can use anything as a base- 
re purpose a  pizza box, reshape a hanger,
 anything you have around that can form a circle-

You can rip pages out of any book- 
it can be a thrift store find, a duplicate
 and even cookbooks, etc-
It can also be a subject with special meaning to you 
or no meaning at all!

I ripped pages from an old book I had from Goodwill,
but it happened to be one of her favorite authors-

The simple process is folding the page, 
depending on the page size-
Like making a paper fan- simple, right?

Make a lot - there's nothing worse than a skimpy wreath-
The size really depends on what you use as a base-

Layer the pages around the ring-
so far, so good!

I wanted to add a little extra to the wreath-
I made these rosettes a few years back, 
you can see them here
 and I decided to try my hand at it again-

I cut circles from the pages

Cut around the circle, making spirals-

Roll the spiral from the outside into the center,
 gluing as you go-
the end of the spiral makes a flat base
 for the rose to sit on-

I love these little rosettes- if I had more patience, 
they'd be all over my house!

I love the added corsage of paper rosettes-
adding just the right amount of sweetness
to complete this wreath!

Now, I get to give it away..

Take care, gotta fly-

fabulously-creative-friday.jpeg (400×250)

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