Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Cardinal Love

Last year, I made this lovely wreath for the winter months-
the beautiful red birds glisten brightly on the all white pine cone wreath-
This is one of those great decor items that can cross over the holidays-
Christmas, New Years and Valentines Day-
love when that works out!

"The cardinal is easy to spot due to its coloring. It is one of the most popular birds and easily identified by birdwatchers and non-bird-watchers alike. Like the robin, whose plumage also features a distinctive red patch, the cardinal is often associated with Christmas and the winter season. The color is bright and cheering. The cardinal’s presence year round and its appearance at backyard bird feeders may also contribute to this association."

"The red cardinal has many meanings as a symbol. It is probably most popularly a symbol of Christmas. This bright red bird symbolizes the beauty and warmth of the holiday season as it brings a bit of cheer to gray wintry days. The cardinals scarlet plumage also represents the blood of Christ shed for the redemption of mankind in the Christian religion. The birds common name, cardinal, is actually derived from the royal red vestments worn by Catholic cardinals."

"Many spiritual people will tell you that a cardinal also represents death or afterlife. Reports from loved ones and hospice workers often state that a cardinal appears just before or after a death, or that a cardinal frequently visits or appears in dreams after the loss of a loved one. As a totem symbol, the cardinal symbolizes vitality. A balance of intuition, perseverance and strength, the cardinal is said to offer safe passage into the realm of personal power to realize one’s goals and dreams."

I wrote about one of the many reasons that I love cardinals, here. 
 I used cardinal wrapping paper to line my pantry- you can see that here.

I even have a cardinal tree in my living room.

I see cardinals a lot and I am a believer that my mom is messaging me.
When I need it most, a cardinal will appear in my yard. One, two and sometimes three.

It's a comforting feeling for me to see a cardinal.  I am a true believer and find
such peace and joy when I spot a shock of red in the trees.

I hope you have something that brings comfort to your daily life- Blessings all around-

Take care, gotta fly-

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