Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Mother's Day

Mother's Day has always been special.

My mom was amazing- 
she made raising 5 kids look like child's play.
She always made sure we felt special. 
Not one of her 5 ever thought they weren't her favorite.
We weren't perfect by any means 
but a prouder mom you couldn't find.

She was our protector, our first love, our teacher,
 our best cheerleader but always our mom.

Growing up, we were fortunate to have
 my grandmother living with us too.
So, we had double the motherly love as well as 
double the womanly influences in our lives.

(luckily, my brother did have my dad 
as his escape into the male sports world!)

As I got older, married and had 3 chicks of my own,
 my admiration of my mom grew by leaps and bounds- 
She was always there to advise, encourage, 
compliment and teach me
 how to raise happy, healthy, loving daughters. 

 She did her job well.

As I sit and reflect on this Mother's Day, 
I rejoice knowing how fortunate I was and still am. 

My sisters and I have an amazing bond, one

that was created by my mom's love for her family.
Our daily talks give me gentle reminders
 of my mom's personality, her wit,
 her love for her children and
they are shining examples of kind and
 loving mothers-
a true reflection of my mom.

 Although, my mom isn't with me on this Godly earth, 
her spirit is forever in my heart. 
Cardinals grace my backyard daily. 
Their lovely song reminds me that mom
 is still looking over me. 

 I am grateful for 54 years of our time together, 
sad that I can't call her to wish
 her a Happy Mother's Day 
but at peace just knowing my heart 
is filled with her motherly love.

My 3 daughters are examples of 
my mom's loving influence.
 Their daily talks with her helped 
to mold them into beautiful and loving daughters,
 filled with caring hearts and goodness.  
They are my biggest protectors, my loves,
 my best cheerleaders 
and I couldn't be prouder 
of the women they've become.

So, on this Mother's Day, celebrate with those you love. 
Enjoy the simple things that make every day special. 
 A smile, a hug, a songbird, and all the loving memories 
that have made your own lives filled with  blessings.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you-
Enjoy the day!

Take care, gotta fly-

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