Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pantry Clean up

I love to see all of your organizing tips-
although my word for the year is "organize"
I have yet to achieve that in my home
until today...

This is my horrid pantry-
a big 'ole mess
it hurts to show this mess off-
I even had a shoe holder filled with paints
hanging off the door-YUCK!

no beautiful french door will appear-
no wooden shelves
just a plain old shelf organizing
First step was to empty this out
and take out all the shelves.
Okay-now I wanted to brighten it up
 but only use what I have-
I had bought some pretty wrapping paper last year
but kept forgetting to use it-crazy, I know!

White birch trees on a crystal blue background with
cardinals scattered among the branches-

Mattie's checking it out-sorry no treats!
Love the birdies, don't you?
the shelves are now in order
it's certainly not the most beautiful
 I've seen online 
but it's clean, fresh and tidy- lol

This may not excite you
but I'm doing the happy dance!!

Take care, gotta fly-

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