Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wedding Chalkboard Frame

This post is a long time coming-
 the search for the perfect chalkboard for my daughter's wedding!

I told you about my dilemma with the large ornate frame I bought at Goodwill which was going to make the perfect chalkboard for my daughter's wedding- I painted it and let it dry outside only to have it crumble in a flash rain storm!  Oh, the trials of a DIY'er!!

So, I had been on the hunt for a new frame that would do the trick-

I found the perfect specimen, once again, at my fave GW outlet and it was attached to a canvas picture- maybe I'll have less work this time?  Or, maybe not!

A lovely beach scene with a broken fence!

I wiped it down thoroughly, removing dirt and cobwebs accumulated over the years.

Instead of painting the frame first,
 I got my fave spray paint out and went to town-

You get a good shot of the frame itself- not as ornate as the last one, but it would do the trick-

I gave it two good, but light coats and let it dry in the sun...when all of a sudden, I heard some rumbling thunder in the distance- OH NO- not this time and I scooped it up and let it dry inside!!  Two frames for the same project destroyed by Mother Nature- not this time

I painted the chalkboard paint on with a foam roller-
My spray painting with chalkboard paint gets out of control!
I painted the frame white but instead of spray this time, I used my fave Annie Sloan-

Chalk paint on a chalk board sounds like a match made in heaven- 
and the best part was it only cost me $3
And perfect for the wedding!

My uber talented sister used her amazing skills to create exactly what my daughter wanted!

It was a work of art- thanks again Ellen!!

Take care, gotta fly-

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