Thursday, November 7, 2013

This Little Chair

My mom's home was filled with beautiful things-
I loved growing up there and always enjoyed the stories
 about where certain items came from-
Some of the pieces were my grandparents- 
When Nannie came to live with us in 1970, 
she also had a house full of treasures-
My uncle took many pieces to fill his home and Nan sold some things-
My mom had a few things to cherish as well-

There was the love seat that Pop had gotten for $10 
and another tiny black carved side tale that was $5- 
the love seat eventually got reupholstered
 and was prominently placed in our living room-

There were two queen Ann chairs upholstered in raspberry moire 
that will always remind me of my teen years-
sitting in them with the phone cord stretched to near breaking point
 so I could get some "privacy" from 4 younger siblings!

My mom's living room was comfortably elegant -
 we each had special pieces we loved-

Many wonderful memories were made there-
 laughs and tears, hopes and dreams, love and hugs- 

But, there was this chair....

 If my memory serves me correctly, 
 it was from an expensive furniture store in our area, Wayside-
 I can recall trips to that store looking for a specific item we needed to fill a space-
Back then, furniture stores were not a dime a dozen -
 and this particular one had beautiful but sometimes too pricey things 
for a family with 5 kids-

But, there was this chair...

It was on sale-
 I'm sure dirt cheap
my mom thought it was fabulous

She had it reupholstered to match the Queen Ann chairs

Such an odd little thing-
 it certainly wasn't bought with comfort in mind!
The carved back and teeny seat could fit a child's bottom
 but we rarely sat in it.
It was placed against a small wall in the living room-

Somehow, over the years, my mom would say
"Claire loves that chair", 
"She can have that chair for her home"- 
"no one else can have that chair"!

I truly can never remember saying that I loved it, not even that I liked it, even a little!

But, as we were selling my mom's house,
 we all knew without any discussion,
 that this chair was mine- it was coming to my house and find it's place-
 and, so it did!

I sometimes chuckle when I look at it- 
but, knowing that my mom loved it,
 makes me love it too!

But, nothing remains safe from paint or new fabric when I get a hold of it 
so I have had many thoughts about its future 

 Paint and fabric will be a part of it 
and I think it's new look will add a tiny bit of whimsy to my space-

I think mom would get a kick out of her special chair now!

Take care, gotta fly-

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