Monday, December 1, 2014

Repurposing for Displays

I am at the end of my first craft show season and it's been a real learning curve to figure out how to display my jewelry, wreaths, and  home decor- people have written that there's a real science to the craft show displays- you have to entice the buyer to first and foremost enter your tent!

With 100's of tents set up at any given fair, eye catching decor is the key to make your "shop" appealing to the masses.

I've gotten lots of ideas from other vendors at these fairs- what looks good, what takes little time to put together as displays, what works when you're alone without a 2nd pair of hands, although that rarely happens- vendors are a friendly group and always willing to lend a hand to a befuddled newbie attempting the EZ Tent- NOT!

I've been at this for 6 months- and have already tried out many different jewelry displays-what works in your living room may not be the perfect fit on a windy day! Lol You can see my displays here and here-
GW was my craft fair display source! Almost anything can be repurposed for a display-believe me!

Outdoor craft festivals are a challenge with the weather- wind, rain, or 90 degree weather!  But I'm an overpacker-can't help myself but an outdoor space is more forgiving- I can spread out and not feel too claustrophobic!

Indoor fairs have a new set of boundaries and its not only the space for displays- I need the fresh air and find it a bit more stifling inside with one table-  too much stuff equals hodge podge lodge!

I just started making wire wrapped rings- great- but another display to make!  Pinterest was obviously my go to for ideas.  Frames, fabric, foam, oh my!  After a few different tries, I came up with a cute and simple display for the rings.

I found a shadow box frame at GW.  The glass was broken so it was perfect!
Painted it my signature turquoise.

I bought about 12 sheets of black felt-any color would do but the black 
makes the rings pop-

I rolled up each piece of felt tightly and shoved them into the shadow box
until I had enough to fit the opening snugly-

The perfect display piece for rings at a cost of about $3.  Gotta love it!

Take care, gotta fly-