Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Craft Fair Displays

I am always on the hunt for new ways to set up
my displays at outdoor craft fairs-

Pinterest is a great source for ideas but I'm usually looking for something
that costs $0 - not always easy-

My jewelry displays have transformed in the past month-
Started off with the traditional black velveteen cardboard which
looked good but not too good on a windy day!

Spent more time retrieving them from the ground and untangling the necklaces-

So, Goodwill was my next stop-
I decided to McGyver a contraption from plastic magazine holders,
a piece of wood, black fabric from my stash and thumbtacks-
Sounds really elegant, huh?

I was able to put it together and hung about 20 necklaces from it-
It worked but was really tacky looking and a real pain to transport-

So, back to the drawing board I went-
I bought 2 cork boards, stapled black velvet fabric around the front and back,
and thumb tacks to hang the necklaces.

I had bought 2 spinning earring displays that were okay as well but
if someone tugged at its top, it would pull up 
from the base and earrings, they went a tumbling too!

I found 2 sets of shutters already hinged at Goodwill-
so, with a quick spray paint job, the dirty old shutters are now my earring displays.

I knew the thumb tacks were too simple looking-
I had bird nest beads, bird charms, mini mirrored squares and sticker gems-
I glued the top of each tack with one of these trinkets-

Adds a bit of elegance to a simple thumb tack!

At the next fair, I'll let you know how these work out- lol
Very cute looking but I don't know if they are steady enough to handle a windy day!

Take care, gotta fly-