Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Create- 31 Days of Writing

To create gives you the freedom
to grow
to learn
to explore

It's what I love and it's the happiest part of my day-

This little creation, simple as it is, makes me giddy-
the chance to change the message everyday - and not usually menus!

Three simple ingredients go into making a chalkboard menu-

Black chalk paint
One stick of chalk
One slice of wood( you can find already cut and cleaned at your local crafts store). Or you can chop some wood or you can go to goodwill and find some in the dumpster bins!- guess which one I did??

Wipe the wood down with a paper towel -
I drew a circle outline with pencil, on the slice-
Then I painted some chalkboard paint within the circle- 2 coats-

I seasoned it with a piece of chalk- rub the side of chalk all over painted part- wipe with paper towel and you're set to go!

Write whatever it is you want-


Give Thanks-

Things to do-

A favorite quote-

Holiday greetings each day during the month of December or days until Christmas, if you have little elves in your home will add to the excitement of the season!

Have fun and change it every day if you want- 

You can get small pieces too- makes adorable place cards for your holiday table!

Put it on your kitchen island, your front hall table to welcome guests or your holiday table with the menu-

Sky's the limit.
Be creative.
Most importantly-
Have fun.

Take care, gotta fly


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