Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jazz up your garden...

I love this time of year when your outside areas come to life
and you can spend hours decorating your gardens!

Yes, I said gardens.

Every year, as I peruse through my fave "boutique" (goodwill),
I find amazing and interesting tchotchkes for my garden.
Don't get me wrong, I love flowers too-
but over the years, most of my gardens are filled with perennials-
call me a lazy gardener but I only add annuals to give my gardens lasting color
throughout the summer.  Peonies, climbing roses and hydrangeas are the mainstay and smaller 
perennials fill in between them.  When I moved to this home, 20 years ago, I brought some
hostas and violet plants with me-

They are spread throughout all the gardens giving a blanket of greenery to all the areas.
But, my favorite part of gardening is the decorating.
Unique containers, obelisks, trellises, lanterns, birdbaths, birdhouses and signs
help to make my gardens friendly and touched with love.

I usually just wash off my GW finds and out they go to find the perfect resting spot.
Sometimes they get a pretty shot of spray paint.
A few years back, I discovered an aqua color I loved-
so lots of aqua can be found in all the nooks and crannies 
of my garden.  Even the pups house is aqua!

Decorating my gardens is almost as much fun as
decorating the inside- you can add odd and quirky things to your gardens
that may not work inside, but put a smile on your face when you step outside!

Take care, gotta fly-


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