Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Etsy Store Featured

My Etsy store makes my heart sing-
corny, but so true.

Spending each day creating things is a dream come true-
I am certainly learning the ropes through trial and error-
It's amazing what goes into having a little shop-
There's the photos (mine are certainly lacking)-
The pricing is complicated- The easiest thing I've found is
to do a comparison of similar items in your category.
 I am not a salesperson, for sure.
I tend to under price things because I like giving things away-
I am constantly reminded of that by my daughters and friends-
But, things will all work out and someday
 I hope to gain more confidence
in all aspects of running an Etsy store.

Kathy, of Creative Expressions blog, was kind enough to
feature me on her Sunday series, Artist in Etsy.  What a generous spirit she is and
I appreciate her kind words about my shop.

Take care, gotta fly-