Sunday, June 15, 2014

My Dad

My Dad was a great man-
He was filled with integrity, honesty and most importantly, love for his family-

Dad was an only child born to older parents-
He was their "Messiah"-  no first cousins to be had so he was the family "son"-
Doting grandparents, aunts and uncles filled his life-

Dad grew up surrounded by adults-  his love of sports came from his Dad and Grandfather-
Growing up in Brooklyn, his love of NY sports teams was tremendous and stayed with him all his life enveloping my brother as well- the cheers and chants from the family room were loud and clear-

My grandfather passed when Dad was in high school.  He went on to Trinity College, following in his father's footsteps.  Dad was a diver.  He had a scholarship throughout college and he was a determined and hard working kid.  His mom passed away while in college so Dad was on his own.

But he never felt sorry for himself. He persevered and was accepted to Yale Law School.  He was brilliant and his love for academia was something he instilled in his children.

When he met his love, my Mom, her family welcomed him into the fold lovingly and they became his 2nd family.   Being an only child, Dad wanted loads of kids and he got them- 5 to be exact!

We had a wonderful childhood growing up. His dry sense of humor had us rolling most of the time.  He was a softy with us-  my Dad always encouraged, advised and cheered us on. He was a kind and thoughtful person.  One of his most admirable traits was his ability to leave the office and give 100% of his attention to his family.  Not an easy task with 4 chattering daughters- he could escape into the sports arena with my brother but we always had his attention. 

Dad passed away much too early.  He was 58 years young- we miss him everyday.  He has been gone now for 22 years- much to young for all of us- my Mom would always mention him when one of us or our kids accomplished anything-"Daddy would have loved that", "Daddy would have gotten such a kick out of that kid".  Dad had a great sense of humor- he could tell a joke and always get the room roaring-he made the funniest faces- something all of us inherited!  My young nephew, Patrick, is a lot like him. The faces and humor are not lost on us and the fact he was born on Dad's birthday is probably not a coincidence.

On this Father's Day- a day to honor all Dad's, it is my honor to write about my own Dad.  He was a great family man, and his strong sense of commitment and loving support is felt in all of us today, and everyday.  He is greatly missed but not forgotten.  We love you Dad, always.

Happy Father's Day
Take care, gotta fly-


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