Thursday, September 19, 2013

Warm and cozy wreath

My love for Goodwill is no secret-
The outlet is filled to the brim with other people's "junk", but I always find a small treasure in my hunt!

This week was no different!

I found some things that I couldn't pass up-

After checking out - all for $11- I knew exactly what I wanted to do-
This image from Pinterest kept popping in my head-

So, I took the bag of yarns and went to work!

In my craft stash, I found a lightweight wreath form made of sturdy cardboard-
I cut strips of burlap and wound them around to cover the form, hot gluing as I wound-

Then I started gluing all these wondrous balls of yarn to the wreath-
All shapes, sizes, colors and textures-
My daughter was sitting with me and I could see by her face she was thinking- this woman has really lost it!

There was no plan, no set color pattern but I kept eyeing it as I went and it began to look exactly like what I had envisioned- a warm and cozy wreath for fall-

Little by little it took shape 

I added a wire hanger on the back and 2 wooden knitting needles as the finishing touch-
No bow necessary!

I love the fall feeling of this- the colors and textures add the perfect touch to the front door-

A warm and cozy welcome to all who enter!

Take care, gotta fly-


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