Monday, September 23, 2013

Memory chest

I mentioned awhile ago, I would be receiving some furniture pieces of my mom's-

My daughters all chose china pieces that once belonged to my two grandmother's 💕
But, I needed a place to store them other than my garage- 
(this year I'm determined to park at least one car inside!!)

So, this chest came to my house- 

A funny little story goes along with it-
My grandmother moved into my parents home after my grandfather died- she was only 62 years old, but little kids have a skewed view of adults and their ages- we thought she was "old" - lol

When she arrived, she came with her houseful of favorites-
 of course her china and crystal arrived as well-

My mom didn't have any room for her pieces 
so she purchased this buffet chest to store Nannie's treasures-

And now it's my turn to store them until my daughters can love them too.

I had to rearrange the dining room to fit it in but it was worth it-
 just having those dishes for their future homes is sweet as can be!

I may paint it at some point, but for now, I'm just enjoying a chest full of memories-
As you can see, the chest is jam packed with lovely pieces of memories-

Someday, the chest will be empty of my grandmother's dishes but maybe 
one of my daughter's will want it to store all of my treasures 
for their future children-
life is funny that way-

Full circle

Take care, gotta fly-

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