Monday, September 16, 2013

Elephant's Trunk Flea Market

My sister and I have been planning a flea market adventure and today was the lucky day!
The weather was perfect and we were excited!! 

I picked her up at 7am and we were on our way- her fabulous navigational skills carried us through- lol

The Elephant's Trunk Flea Market is located in New Milford, Ct. It was started back in 1976 and its only open on Sundays- it's described as a Mecca for antiques, tools, household wares, crafters, collectible a and many more vendors. Unlike many antique shops, this markets boasts a family friendly atmosphere- old friends sit beside one another welcoming newbies with a friendly hello while others sits by their wares strumming guitars singing their tunes- relaxed and welcoming best describe the surroundings.

Early birds ( between 5:45-7) get in for $20 but after 7am- price is $2, so we figured after 7 gave us more $  to spend there!!

It was an hour away but definitely worth the ride- I didn't end up making a lot of purchases but the eye candy was scrumptious!!

Here's a birds eye view of just some of the goodies I spied-
A pick up truck would have been handy too!

Herbs, mums, a display of beautiful fruits, veggies, cheese and hard meats

Iron grates galore-

I spied that woven bee skep and it came home with me

This cute older man made all the furniture he was selling- the craftsmanship was exquisite and he was a proud artisan who loved to chat with all-

This stand restored older pieces - pricey but magnificent- 

These metal stands were all over- very cute

This hotel key holder caught my eye-

Lots of handmade furniture

Lots of stuffed animals, too!

These coca cola bins were aplenty

Barn wood wall hangings-

Suitcases piled to the sky-

Wooden Santos figures 

This suitcase was covered in license plates and was catching a lot of attention!

Many hand painted pieces with a Pennsylvania Dutch flair-

Shutters and iron gates in all shapes and sizes-

Lots of metal pieces- I knew I should have scooped this up!

Large tin letters

Old fashioned drying racks

Vintage furs and suede-

Tables of mounted rams horns-

Beads in plethora-

Iron obelisks were in demand-

More deer

Even cowboy saddles

Crocheted baby beanies-

Garden statues

Vintage jewelry from yesteryear

Lots of stained glass pieces-

Another deer!!

Old kayaks

Upholstery fabric by bolts-

Hand painted pic of our Brittany spaniel, Phoebee

Hand crafted bird houses

Loved this wood crate with branch handle-

Ewe- even stuffed skunks!

Humorous signs

Iron garden sculptures

African masks-

Oversize keys


Vintage tin boxes

Hand painted sinks

The weather was gorgeous and this is a big time operation, but I can't forget the food trucks-

These mini donuts, made to order, melt in your mouth- don't miss them!

What a splendid day for a sisterly adventure- planning our next one soon!

Take care, gotta fly-


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