Thursday, May 2, 2013

Garbage picked beauties!

My garbage picking days have really been good to me-
There's nothing better than great and especially free furniture
It makes my heart sing!!

Remember back,  a long year ago I snagged these
Curb side lovelies on Easter morn-

My sister's wonderful neighbor, Megan
( you remember this) had decided the table and chair set
Had seen better days so-
What's a garbage picker to do but

They looked like this when they were sitting all forlorn on the curb

So it was time for some jazzing up!!

After sanding the tabletop-

It was ready for a primer-
I use Kilz - it always serves me well, then the painting began
The tabletop was in rough shape but a thorough sanding and
Behr's black semi gloss cleaned it up perfectly!

A final coat of clear wax and it's good to go!

The set of six chairs were in pretty good shape-
cleaned them up and gave them a light coat of Rustoleum in classic black
a simple coat of clear wax gives them a bit of protection-

Like the new fabric?

Can't wait  see these in their new space!
Saturday's the big day so I'll be sure to snap some pics of her new pad!
Stay tuned for more!!
Take care, gotta fly-

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