Saturday, April 20, 2013

Furniture project complete- check

School vacation and good weather =

Furniture painting completed!!!

Moving day for my gal is fast approaching
and the furniture is ready to go-
LOVE the color she(we or me!!) chose

The dresser and nightstand are painted and waxed
The girly knobs are in place

Remember, it looked like this-

Her thrift store purchase- $30!
The nightstand was an orphan out on the curb-
 prime for adoption!

And this was the sneak peak at the color

Well, now this is it all dressed up and ready to go!

I even added some darling shoes to the nightstand!!
A little dipping never hurt anyone!
So pretty and ready for their debut!
The inside of the nightstand drawer had an added surprise-
A message from the furniture maker, Mr. Hitchcock himself!
"Choice of a Wife" - sweet and special!
My daughter loves it, and that's all that matters
The furniture is ready but not sure if mama is ready for her to fly the coop!
Take care, gotta fly!

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