Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pinteresting Staircases

People can be so creative when it comes to home decorating-
nothing is safe when you get the decorating bug!
These staircases are part of the homes decor-
I got as creative by putting a carpet on mine!
So, without further ado-
"The Pinterest Staircases"

Concrete painted staircase
 Pinned Image

Diana from Our Vintage Home created a
chalkboard staircase in her 100 year old home!

Pinned Image
Anyone care to take a spin down
the piano stairs?

Pinned Image

Are you in the mood for a good book?

Pinned Image

Don't you just love this staircase
of family rules to live by?
Vinyl lettering from Etsy

Pinned Image

Another library but this time on concrete stairs!

Pinned Image

A folk art look-

Pinned Image
 I love this look!

Pinned Image

Glitter glam!

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Which of these beauties would you choose?

Take care, gotta fly-


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday Favorites

I'm back today with my
Saturday favorites
and I couldn't be more excited!

Susan from Uniquely Yours or Mine
fashioned this secretary desk for a friend-
The colors remind me of Nantucket red chinos
and the ocean blue...
and I especially adore the monogram!

DSC_0038 (2)

Stephanie of Full Of Great Ideas created
these monogrammed glasses using etching
cream and a stencil with her cricut-
Love this idea and I definitely will try it!
She gives a great tutorial with a step by step
for the 1st time etcher!

Carrie of Dittle Dattle recreated
a clock she spyed at Pier 1-
She used the top of an old laminate table
and created the numbers using a scroll saw-
talented lady!
Love the old world look of it too!

Krystal from Sassy Sanctuary created
this adorable table for her little girl's birthday-
After a trip to Ikea, she found some inspiration
pics and went to town-
My girls would have adored this when they were little!
Love the hand painted top too!!
She recovered the little chairs too!

Cindy from Cloches and Lavender
tried her hand at using gesso to create these french inspired pots-
she added a "frenchie" transfer to finish them off-
Ooh la la - magnifique with the lovely lavender too!

Hope these favorites make you smile too!

Have a lovely weekend!
Take care, Gotta fly-

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pinterest Pleasures

Pinterest is still my interest
and this week I'll show you why-

Craft spaces are my envy-
mine is usually in the garage, outside, the basement
or my kitchen table-
so, when I see these- I get craft envy!

A hutch repurposed for crafts!
Pinned Image

This cutting table was made
 with cubes from Target!
Pinned Image

An armoire refashioned into a craft center-
for the scrapbook lover!

Pinned Image

Love this- especially the pegboard feature!

Pinned Image

This is the perfect piece for storing paint
in a small space!
Andrea gives a great tutorial on making one
for your very own!
Pinned Image

WOW-it's really all I have to say!

Pinned Image

Yes, I'll take one of these!

Pinned Image

Check out all the organizing pieces!

North East Corner, Ribbon Rack, Tools, Desk

Heather Bailey's studio-fab!

Heather Bailey's studio

If you're lucky enough to have a craft space-
I'm jealous-
those of you who don't-
I hope you too, have craft room envy!!!!

Take care, gotta fly-

Monday, August 20, 2012


Chalkboards have always delighted me!

I have made a number of them with black chalkpaint
but I haven't attempted any of the colored ones yet-
Some of my favorites.....

Budget Design Girl created this board
 using her special number!

These silver trays were $1 !!
Pinned Image

The Family Ceo blog painted a frame
 with chalk board spray-

Daisymae belle created a large board in her foyer-
Love the size of this one!

Tip Junkie shows us an Ikea shelving unit turned
into command central!
Pinned Image

A Fifth House created a wall calendar
 to keep her family organized!
Pinned Image

What a cool idea for a party!

A few of mine-

Hope this inspires you to create a chalkboard too!

Take care, gotta fly-

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday Favorites

Welcome back to my Saturday favs!
Another week of amazing, creative blogs!

Anna, from A Good Home took a
hand me down table with an old faux finish
and cleaned it up with some paint-
Love the burlap runner and summertime
accessories- Go visit this newbie blogger
and make her feel welcome!

Molly, from The Poor Sophisticate
completely transformed her hallway
using everything she already had-
She created all the wall art and even papered
a wall with old book pages-Talented lady!

Wreathes are an obsession of mine
(among many things!)
so these next to bloggers made me smile!

Kimberly of Simply Living created
this wreath from book pages-
but put a spin on it-
the pages look like leaves and it's simply adorable!

Michelle from Strawberries and Sweet Love
also used book pages for her wreath-
She layered and twisted the pages
and it makes a "wow" statement on her mirror!

Erica of Tattered Elegance created
a painted lady from an antique mahogany
drop leaf table- she loves ASCP as much as I do
and she harlequined (is that a word?)
and stenciled it into this beauty!

Emily of Emily's Upcycled Furniture
took an old dresser and breathed
new life into it- the color-Sophisticated Teal by Behr
and all the white trim and embellishments
makes this a real show stopper!

Hope you enjoyed this week's show
and came away with
 some creative inspiration-
I know I did!

Take care, gotta fly-

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pinterest pop...the wine

The week finds me in a "wine-y" kind of mood!

The things people think of to create with wine corks is staggering!
I mean really,
 all you people do is drink for crafts! lol
First up is a wreath-
maybe if you're having a wine tasting-
but you have to invite other people-remember that!

Tiffany, from Living Savvy, shows us her step by step
tutorial (only the wreath making, not the wine drinking!)

Awe, someone made my initial!

Pinned Image

Fork and cork plant markers,
who would have thought?

Pinned Image

A cork pin board-
Kristi from Addicted to Decorating shows
30 ideas for cork crafts!
Pinned Image

Framed cork coasters!

Pinned Image

Even birds like wine!
Pinned Image

A wine cork bathmat!

Pinned Image

Hope you enjoyed my "wine-ing"

Take care, gotta fly and pop me some corks!