Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pinteresting Staircases

People can be so creative when it comes to home decorating-
nothing is safe when you get the decorating bug!
These staircases are part of the homes decor-
I got as creative by putting a carpet on mine!
So, without further ado-
"The Pinterest Staircases"

Concrete painted staircase
 Pinned Image

Diana from Our Vintage Home created a
chalkboard staircase in her 100 year old home!

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Anyone care to take a spin down
the piano stairs?

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Are you in the mood for a good book?

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Don't you just love this staircase
of family rules to live by?
Vinyl lettering from Etsy

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Another library but this time on concrete stairs!

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A folk art look-

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 I love this look!

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Glitter glam!

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Which of these beauties would you choose?

Take care, gotta fly-