Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pinterest Pleasures

Pinterest is still my interest
and this week I'll show you why-

Craft spaces are my envy-
mine is usually in the garage, outside, the basement
or my kitchen table-
so, when I see these- I get craft envy!

A hutch repurposed for crafts!
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This cutting table was made
 with cubes from Target!
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An armoire refashioned into a craft center-
for the scrapbook lover!

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Love this- especially the pegboard feature!

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This is the perfect piece for storing paint
in a small space!
Andrea gives a great tutorial on making one
for your very own!
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WOW-it's really all I have to say!

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Yes, I'll take one of these!

Pinned Image

Check out all the organizing pieces!

North East Corner, Ribbon Rack, Tools, Desk

Heather Bailey's studio-fab!

Heather Bailey's studio

If you're lucky enough to have a craft space-
I'm jealous-
those of you who don't-
I hope you too, have craft room envy!!!!

Take care, gotta fly-

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  1. I do have a lovely craft room,but I still like to see others,these are really lovely. I hope you get one you want one day. Usually it's when you get a spare room. Not always possible when you have children still at home though.:)


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