Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Favorites

I'm back with my Saturday favorites
and I know you'll enjoy this show!

Diane, from In My Own Style
 designed this elegant ottoman-
I'm a sucker for a well made ottoman and this one
makes my heart go flutter!
Go check out this talented gal!

Lynn from Shabby Story
created this garden treasure with a metal gate
and a flower box that was built by her hubby-
makes me long for the lazy days of summer!
She is a creative soul with a handy hubby to boot-
gotta check her garden bench out too!


Kathryn from Ugly Duckling Transformations
created this adorable tray with her
handmade quatrefoil stencil
and my favorite aqua paint-

The next creative gal, from Serendipity
refinished a sofa table to the max!
She took it from a typical mahogany table
to a "wow" piece of farm girl french art!

These creative gals have certainly
 added a skip to my step this week-
love what I see out there and spray painting weather can't come soon enough for me!!
Take care, gotta fly-

Friday, April 27, 2012

Sidewalk treasures

Don't you love sidewalk finds-
I get so delighted when I stumble upon some treasures-
look what I found a few weeks back-
Had to call my sister to meet me cuz' I couldn't get it all in my car!!

I finally have to admit- outloud-
I am obsessed with chairs-
have you noticed?

2 arm chairs with 2 matching side chairs
and one very cool gold wood chair-

I'm so excited but still waiting for great spray paint weather!!

Take care, gotta fly-

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bulk Trash Score

Do you have a bulk trash pickup in your area?
It's one of my most favorite times of the year
(besides Christmas!!)
Although, last week I felt like it was Christmas!!
Early Easter morn, my sister gave me a call-
a neighbor had loaded up their front walk with all sorts of goodies-
Did I want to check it out?
What do you think I said?
Zipped down to her neighborhood and look what I found!!!!

6 A-MA-ZING chairs
from Pottery Barn
with a beautiful pedestal table-
perfect for my daughter's apartment
after some tlc!!
love me some garbage pickin'

Take care, gotta fly-

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom

We love you

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Favorites

Saturday favorites are here again!!

redesigned her chandelier using jute rope
What a difference it makes-wow-go check her out!

Laura from Whimsical Perspective shows us
 an amazing before and after
Her before was dark, dreary, paneled and filled with doors-
Check out her before-you won't believe your eyes!!

Kathy from South of Main creates these fabulous signs
with her husband Terry-
they have a fab Etsy shop and the signs are so perfectly stated and executed-
go check out these creative peeps!!

created a subway art dresser
for the boys in her life-
although it's for my rival team, I adore the look!
Just perfect for their baseball themed bedroom!!

You have to check this out-
Elyse from Shabby Sweet Tea
brought new life to this lamp for her girl's room-
Hydrangeas are my favorite so this lamp is my
"cup of tea"!!

Hope you enjoyed this week's favorites!!
Fabulous and creative gals, they are-

Have a great week!
Take care, gotta fly-


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Printrunner sticker winner!

The winner of my Printrunner sticker giveaway is

Sally from All in my Cottage!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

One of my favorites....

As I look back at my blog,
I get excited about some of the projects that
 I've completed since I began Bless My Nest-

My all time favorite project has to be my 3 seated bench
The idea popped into my head as I was looking at the chairs...
the curbside find chairs my sister spotted and grabbed for me!
S0 that = FREE

(It's really great
 having personal curb shoppers around town!- thanks Ellen)

"the before"

Thought I'd show them again to you gals-
"the after"

I love this and it sits prominently in my living room!

It was quite a simple project-what I had in my head-
actually worked when I put it together!
Heavy duty screws and bolts attached the chairs-
The one piece cushion was the first of its kind I attempted and I was surprised at the
relative ease at creating it!
Hope you enjoyed the recap!
Take care, gotta fly-

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday favorites

Welcome to my favorite show off day-
that is, showing off all of you creative pals!

This week is one of the best-
You've outdone yourselves!!

created this shabby chic chair for her daughter's room-
The before and after is!!

Deneen from dreaming-n-color
designed this side table with my favorite accessory
Check out what she used for the door inserts-LOVE
This is one creative lady you don't want to miss
The signs in her Etsy shop are adorable, too!

This mirror is a real eye teaser
Can you tell what the chrysanthemum mirror is made of?
Kristi of Addicted2Decorating
created this mirror using plastic spoons!!
Oh my, how creative can you get!!

Kim from Sand and Sisal created mirrors from wooden chargers-
What a fab idea-check these beauties out!
How to turn a charger into a mirror

This week was filled with super projects-hope you enjoyed these!!

Take care, gotta fly-

Sticker giveaway ends Monday, the 16th!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

stickers anyone??

Don't forget my giveaway!!
Get your personalized stickers-
The winner will be picked on Monday, the 16th!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The generous people from What to Expect when you're Expecting
teamed with me to do a book giveaway-
generously, they are now offering two of my readers the trio of books-
the other lucky winner of this giveaway is Grigory Lutkin-
congrats Grigory!!

GW Serving Cart

My last GW trip was a success when I found this cart-

It was just a bit needy- some tlc was all it needed-
so, I flipped it over, secured it up with a piece of wood
 to add new wheels to and
screwed it all together!!

I got out my fave ASCP in Paris Grey and the dark wax-
I knew it needed some pizazz along with the paint
so I checked out the blog, The Graphic Fairy!

There were so many graphics to choose from
but I figured I may use it in a bar serving cart
 so that's what I set out to find-
  I also wanted something French,
 s'il vous plait!!
  So, these were the two graphics I found.

I grabbed some transfer paper
and traced over the graphics
 directly onto the top of the cart-
Then I waxed it but it was way too dark
 and I couldn't rub it off

 so I googled some ideas-
I had clear wax
 and it was suggested to apply this over the dark
 to remove what I didn't want and it worked-
good tip to remember!
I'm really happy with the results!!

Coffee, tea or moi?

Take care, gotta fly-
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Monday, April 9, 2012

Book Giveaway

Whoops, almost forgot- the winner of the "what to expect" book giveaway is Carol from arewethereyetblog ! Congrats Carol and check your comment section for further instructions!

Computer virus

It seems my computer has the flu or strep- bear with me as I administer antibiotics!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wishing all of you a
Happy Easter!

Take care, gotta fly-

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Newbie Favorites

Happy Saturday Friends-
Today, I'm introducing you to some crafty ladies!
Wow, these newbies are amazing-
love finding new blogs to showcase
creative juice is flowing...
So, without further ado-
created these beauties using looking glass spraypaint-
check this before and after
How sweet these nests are looking!

She created this thrifted dresser in an ombre pattern
 for her daughter's room-
 don't you love the gradient colors against her walls!!
She also hand stenciled a valance for the room-
check out her tutorials for stenciling fabric!!
is a busy gal-this newbie is enjoying
 her furniture painting hobby
for some new customers-
she designed this desk
 to match a client's bed using AS chalk paint-
Great job, Heidi!!
Finally, meet Kim-that is,
She designed and created this wall sign
  -for her husband-
a great tutorial follows-go check it out!!
Hope you enjoyed getting to know these new gals on the block-
stop by to say "hey!!"
Take care, gotta fly-

ps--don't forget my giveaway that ends Monday,
 you can check it out here.