Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Favorites

Saturday favorites are here again!!

redesigned her chandelier using jute rope
What a difference it makes-wow-go check her out!

Laura from Whimsical Perspective shows us
 an amazing before and after
Her before was dark, dreary, paneled and filled with doors-
Check out her before-you won't believe your eyes!!

Kathy from South of Main creates these fabulous signs
with her husband Terry-
they have a fab Etsy shop and the signs are so perfectly stated and executed-
go check out these creative peeps!!

created a subway art dresser
for the boys in her life-
although it's for my rival team, I adore the look!
Just perfect for their baseball themed bedroom!!

You have to check this out-
Elyse from Shabby Sweet Tea
brought new life to this lamp for her girl's room-
Hydrangeas are my favorite so this lamp is my
"cup of tea"!!

Hope you enjoyed this week's favorites!!
Fabulous and creative gals, they are-

Have a great week!
Take care, gotta fly-