Wednesday, April 11, 2012

GW Serving Cart

My last GW trip was a success when I found this cart-

It was just a bit needy- some tlc was all it needed-
so, I flipped it over, secured it up with a piece of wood
 to add new wheels to and
screwed it all together!!

I got out my fave ASCP in Paris Grey and the dark wax-
I knew it needed some pizazz along with the paint
so I checked out the blog, The Graphic Fairy!

There were so many graphics to choose from
but I figured I may use it in a bar serving cart
 so that's what I set out to find-
  I also wanted something French,
 s'il vous plait!!
  So, these were the two graphics I found.

I grabbed some transfer paper
and traced over the graphics
 directly onto the top of the cart-
Then I waxed it but it was way too dark
 and I couldn't rub it off

 so I googled some ideas-
I had clear wax
 and it was suggested to apply this over the dark
 to remove what I didn't want and it worked-
good tip to remember!
I'm really happy with the results!!

Coffee, tea or moi?

Take care, gotta fly-
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