Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How To Add Chaos to Christmas

I was very late getting my holiday decor set-
Many things got in the way-
the first being- my faux tree's metal trunk snapped in half
so I had to go for a quick trip to purchase a new one-
That set me back abit!

Then, the frame I transformed for my mantel, broke in pieces as I went to hang it-
never checked the sturdiness of my GW find
before I began!

So, what's a DIY'er to do-
add more chaos in the mix-
 I had my ASCP out to paint the canvas frame
 and I decided to put a quick coat of blue on the top of my side table-
Last year, I found this worn table at GW-
Painted it cream, and called it a day-

Really for no reason other than the fact
 I seem to enjoy adding chaos to a very
Stressful situation -
Nuts, you may say-
I have to agree with you but I have a lot of white holiday decor 
and it was blending in too much!

I love the pop of color in a sea of white and
Who knows, maybe I'll change it again in the new year-
Isn't that the way we roll?!!

Take care, gotta fly

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  1. Isn't it great how you can change things up with some paint!


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