Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gingerbread Party

I was busy getting my house ready
 for my 7 nieces and nephews,
ranging in age from 12-3, to
arrive for our annual Gingerbread party-

I bought 7 gingerbread house kits-
already baked and ready to be hot glued by auntie!
I like gluing the houses before the party begins-

I've tried frosting type paste but this really keeps the structure secure
when little hands are ripping gumdrops off the roof!

Each kit comes with an assortment of candy-
I always buy more so everyone has their faves-
some to decorate with
and more to eat- YUM!!

Christmas carols are played loudly and the pups bark for attention-

such a quiet, peaceful time in our home-lol!
The party takes place in our kitchen-
easier to vacuum up all the candy that spills off the tables!

The tables are covered with plastic tablecloths
 and each child gets a can of white frosting to use as their house glue-
works like a charm and fun to lick too!

 Grace's creation
-almost looks like an abacus!

 Brendan's creation

Charlotte's creation 

 Kit Kat's creation

 Will's creation
Matt's creation
our future architect

Patrick's creation

We also make an ornament and this year we decorated foam
gingerbread men with stickers and paint pens-

They always leave with a special ornament with the year
to add to their own trees!

It's a fun afternoon for them and I enjoy
 the special time I can share with all of them!

Happy Holidays-
Take care, gotta fly-


The pups on the hunt for candy!!


  1. Thank you, Auntie Claire, for this wonderful tradition. You're the best!

  2. Claire,
    What delightful memories for the children!
    I saw a lady at the grocery store yesterday and I'll bet she was getting ready to do the same thing! She had about 7 bags of confectioners sugar in her cart and was buying out the bulk candy aisle!


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