Sunday, December 16, 2012

God Bless Newtown Connecticut

As a native Nutmegger, the horrors of December 14th haunt our every waking moment-
The news of the day with the sheer terror and anguished faces strikes a chord in our hearts-

The state of Connecticut, the entire nation and the world around us
mourns for this small New England community-

As we approach the holidays, it is with heavy hearts that we all listen and watch the events
of that horrific crime-

The angel babies are now in heaven, safe from a cruel, unfair world-
The families of these angels must carry on, no matter how great their burden-

We will continue our prayers for all of these people as well as our nation-
Things will never be the same but with hope and love we can only pray that time will begin to heal all the families hurt by this tragedy- 
God bless you, Newtown, Connecticut
God Bless America-

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