Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tale of two dressers

I love a great piece of
painted furniture, don't you?

This dresser has been in my dining room for years-
It began its life in maple-
then it was painted black-
It was then "harlequinned"-
I got tired of it
you know what I mean?

I got my ASCP out and went to town-
my inspiration was from the Wisteria catalog-
eye candy to swoon over
I got busy-
First, I began with ASCP Greek blue,

then gave it a wash of ASCP Old White

and another

sorry about the night light effect-
it was really baby blue-
not the silvery blue I was looking for-
I searched the blog tutorials
with all the creative silvery effects but I
was in a time crunch-company arriving-
Don't you always get into a messy room project
when your expecting people?
That's usually when I'm most productive!
it lacked the oomph I was looking for-

I "chalked" it up as a reject

I decided to lighten it up
and went with ASCP in Old White
and after all that

I love it-
it lighten up the room and the light wax
gives it a real finished look!

I painted all the black iron knobs the same color too!
Only thing I changed was the top two larger knobs-
ASCP covers anything-even brass lion heads!

Looks true white in this morning shot but so do the walls
and they are truly cream

It's a new fresh look that I adore-
my inspiration piece was a beauty
but I couldn't get the look of it
and I'm thrilled with this re-do!

Take care, gotta fly-

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