Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturday Favorites

I'm back with my Saturday favorites!

Britt from Interestosity found a dresser for $20-
Just what she wanted for her daughter's bedroom-
except the color- she created this using
a cellophane gift bag as her pattern and her thrift store
projector enlarged the design onto the dresser-
It's a beauty fit for her princess!

some colorful art work for her
sister's patio wall-
 She made it out of plastic colorful tablecloths
stapled over thrift store frames!
An inexpensive pop of color to a blank wall!
Great idea for a blah wall!!


Beth from Under a Pile of Scrap redesigned
this side table using paint and stain from an
inspiration from another blogger-
Love the roman numerals too!

Jana of Transformations from the Heart shows
off a beautiful trio of colorful outdoor decor-
The window, bench and window planter are
pops of beauty and charm- they coordinate
so well-who doesn't want to sit here for awhile?

old painted window planter box bench

Linda from Studio of Decorative Art transformed
a wooden brown rocking chair into this dreamy rocker-
she staged a vacant home for sale and "borrowed" the chair
 from her hubby-
Go check out this decorative painter!!

Dixie Delights shows off a beautiful buffet table
her hubby built for her porch-
aside from its practicality- I adore the burlap skirt
she added to it for hiding storage items!
The monogrammed chairs are lovely eye candy too!
July 2012 169 copy

Hope you enjoyed this weeks favorites-
Go check these creative gals out!

Have a great weekend
Take care, gotta fly-


  1. Claire - Thank you so much for featuring my skirted table!! I hope you have a great weekend :-) Amanda

  2. Claire,
    Thanks so much for featuring my Window, Planter and Bench trio. What a wonderful surprise to see this morning,
    Have a fabulous weekend,

  3. Thank you Claire for featuring my clock face table and I see I'm in great company with the other features! You made my weekend!

  4. Hi Claire - thanks for featuring my revamped rocking chair! I've already heard from Beth who you featured also (love her clock face table!) I'm off to visit the other featured projects as well - all were superb.

    See you again soon...


  5. Lovely ideas . . . your blog is such an inspiration. Come on over and check out my French inspired pennies on the dollar bedroom re-do. Looks like we both love a good re-purposing act. Have a great day, Connie :)

  6. Thank you for featuring my dresser! The other features are fabulous! Thanks again!

  7. Hi Claire - XO for featuring the outside wall art I made for my sisters house.

    Ooola la... I love that clock table - I am a huge fan of roman numeral clocks.

    Very inspiring post - I feel honored to be included.

    My best- Diane


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