Monday, August 6, 2012

Dragonfly copy

I love finding creative bloggers-
I've mentioned one before,
She has an amazing Etsy store and
has created incredible dragonflies made from
interesting recycled pieces!
(among many cool items!)
Last summer, during a GW trip, I happened upon 4 paddles
left from a ceiling fan and a wooden spindle-
I decided to try my hand at a wooden dragonfly
to hang on my fence-

It added a pop of color so it stayed-
After a winter of being out in the elements
it needed some sprucing up!
So, I once again checked out Lucy's newest creations and the old copying
kicked in again-
I must warn you, Lucy's and mine do not compare by any means
but you get the jist of it and
I have to say-
the patriotic dragonfly is a much happier addition to the garden!

Thanks Lucy for all your inspirations!!

Take care, gotta fly-

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