Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pin lovin'

My private pinterest obsession is now out!

It's a serious addiction, but really,
things could be worse!

I'm lovin' these mud rooms-
my, what these gals can do with a little wood-
the organization is fab and I'm envious!!

The beadboard, molding, cubbies, bench seat and hooks make this
the perfect spot to keep everything in its place
 when you walk through that door!
Pinned Image

Look at this ceiling, archway, pull out drawers, hooks and the
compass stencilled on the floor!

Pinned Image

Love the clean lines and color combo in this mud room-
the cubbies, light fixture and mirror
 make it look like you can move into it!
Pinned Image

Love this look with the wood bench against all the white-

Pinned Image

Check out this hall closet turned into a mud room-
love the built in bench all nestled snug into the closet!

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Don't you love what bloggers do with wooden pallets?
Painted white and hung on the wall, hooks make it adjustable
for all your family's needs!

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How cute to include a doggie bed in organizing your mud room!

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Hope you enjoyed these pins!
Take care, gotta fly-


  1. what a great way to start my morning, looking at all these wonderful wall samples.

    I have plans to redo my 14ft. entry wall so your post was perfect for me.

    Thanks for gathering and posting such great inspiration photos.

  2. Love the mudroom examples, thanks.


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