Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Store I Adore

Have you ever walked through the doors of a store
and a soothing calm envelops you?
Your eyes take in the sights, the aromas-
the eye candy takes you on an adventure like no other
(you feel cavities forming all over your mouth!-lol)
I have found my oasis
my sweet tooth heaven-
this store is filled to the brim with beauty
and my eyes dart around the rooms in love with it all
The name you ask is
Taken For Granite
cute, catchy but filled with meaning
It's located in Stony Creek-
a section of Branford, Connecticut
that was and it filled with mammouth boulders of granite
it reminds me of a quaint seaside village-
It's not showy or obnoxious-
but the boats are docked,
there's a seafood shack next to the water,
small shops run by moms and pops,
 there's even small boats to ride and tour the small inhabited islands in the area-
This store is located on a corner,
 it's not beautiful on the outside-
many may pass by with nary a glance-
but if you're lucky enough to stop-
ahhhh the treasures you will find.........
can't wait for a return visit!
Gotta fly-

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