Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Paneling- to paint or not?

Do you like paneling?
Wood Wall Panels Decoration Living Room Design
not my room-same color
I have never been such a fan of dark wood paneled walls-
unless of course I have an estate in horse country -
but I don't
I live in a 1960 built colonial
and I have a den paneled in dark wood-
I've lived here for 17 years-
17 years looking at an ugly room-
but my hubby loves it-
I've turned it into a golf den 'cuz it's such a man looking room
(if you know what I mean!)
he doesn't get involved in home decorating at all
but he has a thing for wood-
you know, it's a guy thing..
funny thing is-
I love painted paneling
I'm working on it
hoping I can do some major convincing
and I can do some heavy duty painting
 during my summer vacation-
fingers crossed!

Gotta fly-