Friday, March 9, 2012

Blue and white rooms

I love blue and white decor
blue and white china
blue and white toile
blue and white hydrangeas
french country
It's a small obsession
any blog I see with blue and white decor
 quickly becomes a favorite-
showcased blue and white rooms this month, 
I was gaga!!
(and not the lady kind-lol)

Aren't these rooms fresh and clean
french country
soothing as an ocean breeze
the sky on a crisp spring day
the blue and white evokes a feeling of peaceful serenity

My living room is blue and white
I love the feeling surrounded in an ocean of blue
it envelops me and brings a new version of cozy to this room-

If you've never tried this color combo
give it a try in a small space-
I think it will give you that serene place
 you may be looking for too!
 Well, take care, gotta fly-
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