Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weekly Favorites

Can you believe it's already Saturday?
I'm a happy camper and I'll show you why-
Look at these amazing creations...

Britt from Interestosity
created these beauties-
using some inexpensive fabric, a stencil and a bit of paint
she created the fabric and designed the pillows
Love that stencil too!
Visit her for the great tutorial
 and see her creativity at work!!

Jessica, over at Four Generations One Roof
shows us this beauty...
She wanted a window seat and voila!
Over a weekend, with a little help from her friends,
she's got it!
Go check out this fabulous lady-
what a creative soul!!
DIY Window Seat tutorial

Have you met Teresa from Blooming on Bainbridge?
I love reading her blog-
It's always colorful and full of charm
she's adorable to boot!!
Anyone who takes the time to create a banner
 full of colorful scrappy hearts
 has to be a creative gal-
Go check out her blog!

Erica from Erica M Decor
created this Boston subway art.
using and
look what she did with it-
after printing it out, a quick coat of Modge Podge
a clear sheen and voila'
The perfect decor for her home-
go check out her blog!
I loved what I saw this week and hope you did too!
Go visit these creative ladies-
you'll be glad you did!
Take care, gotta fly-
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  1. Hi! Thank you so much for featuring our window seat tutorial. That was so sweet of you :) Love your site and glad to find you!

  2. loving that window seat. so beautiful and those pillows are great too!

  3. I think I would display the happy scrappy hearts all great round. They are adorable!



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