Thursday, February 16, 2012


                                       So, my newest obsession
 (as I said in an earlier post)
 is crocheting-
 love it..
But, the problem is
 when I crochet
 I can't post on my blog -
 it's a real problem
 but I guess my remedy will be
 to forego abit of sleep.
 Ahhhh, anything for creativity!!!
   I found this scarf pattern on craft gawker

and watched a u tube video as well.
 I'm a visual learner ..
directions on paper makes my mind mush.
 So, I've made 2 so far,
one for my oldest daughter for valentines day
the 1st one is fuschia

and the 2nd is purple

this color is off but the close-up
 shows the stitch up close and personal!

 this one is for my middle cherub !
 My youngest hasn't put in any requests yet!
  I love the pattern
 especially being a basket hoarder lover lol!!
 This basket weave pattern is charming
and I have to admit, not too difficult-
 I'd love to tell you it's brain surgery
 but we all know better!!
this is Mattie-
just home from the groomer
thought you'd like to see her fresh and clean!!
I haven't made any sweaters for my pups
 but never say never!!

Well, take care, gotta fly-

linking up to diy feb

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