Thursday, February 16, 2012


                                       So, my newest obsession
 (as I said in an earlier post)
 is crocheting-
 love it..
But, the problem is
 when I crochet
 I can't post on my blog -
 it's a real problem
 but I guess my remedy will be
 to forego abit of sleep.
 Ahhhh, anything for creativity!!!
   I found this scarf pattern on craft gawker

and watched a u tube video as well.
 I'm a visual learner ..
directions on paper makes my mind mush.
 So, I've made 2 so far,
one for my oldest daughter for valentines day
the 1st one is fuschia

and the 2nd is purple

this color is off but the close-up
 shows the stitch up close and personal!

 this one is for my middle cherub !
 My youngest hasn't put in any requests yet!
  I love the pattern
 especially being a basket hoarder lover lol!!
 This basket weave pattern is charming
and I have to admit, not too difficult-
 I'd love to tell you it's brain surgery
 but we all know better!!
this is Mattie-
just home from the groomer
thought you'd like to see her fresh and clean!!
I haven't made any sweaters for my pups
 but never say never!!

Well, take care, gotta fly-

linking up to diy feb

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  1. Mattie is so cute!!

    I'm also a visual learner - I love your scarves! Very pretty!

  2. Lovely scarves! I am dropping by to tell you thank you for following our blog. It is much appreciated. My sister, Reba and I are now following you back. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts. :D


  3. Seems crocheting is a new fad. I've seen a lot of pretty scarves at Pinterest! You made lovely scarves!

    Thanks for visiting me at Petites Passions and thanks also for the follow. I am excited to be one of your bloggy friends :) I am now following you!


  4. Hi!
    I am a crocheter also and taught myself via You Tube. I am still working on my granny square afghan and I am wondering if I will ever be finished. Have you ever made one? I don't really know how many squares I need to make or how to join them together, so back to You tube I will go! Love that basket weave.

    1. Susan do you still need help learning how to stitch your granny squares together?

  5. Love the scarf colors!! And your dog is too cute! Thanks for stopping by Tales of the T's! I just followed you back on Linky Followers!

  6. That is truly lovely! I need someone to teach me how to crochet beyond the basic stitch.

  7. Clair those are lovely, I taught myself to knit but it didn't go far. I've been told to learn to crochet and that I would like it even better. We will see. And Mattie is adorable!

  8. I love the scarf. *nice* I never learned how to crochet, but you make it look fun!

    Mattie, you are so pretty! The groomer did a nice job!


  9. Hi Claire, nice to meet a fellow crocheter. I think the basketweave looks difficult. I am not at that stage yet, but must keep it in mind to try. I just completed a bedside mat in clothesline rope for my daughter made with a jumbo hook, hard on the fingers though. I am about to start a scarf for her in fine pure wool. Won't be too fancy though. Love your scarves, the colours are lovely.
    Thank you for your nice comments, I am following you too.
    x jeanetteann

  10. Hi, Claire. Those are beautiful! Wow! I've been thinking about starting to knit or crochet, but like you say, there are only so many hours, and blogging takes so much time...Thanks for visiting me and following; I'll do the same! Zuni

  11. Hi Claire, they look awesome! Thanks so much for stopping by and joining in my blog. Will be back to explore more...

  12. Hello Claire, I love to crochet & knit also but just don't have time with all my painting. I appreciate you stopping by and following me on LF and I am now following you. Love your basket weave scarfs who wouldn't? ;-)

  13. Thanks for the invite! Your doggie is adorable.

  14. Oh goodness I really like this pattern!! I just started crocheting a few months ago too and love it!! Am making a little pair of booties for my nieces baby and have made a dozen or so of the cutest flap earred hats!

    bee blessed

  15. Hi Claire! Thank you for your kind comments on my blog! Following you back! I wish I could crochet like you do, so gorgeous!

  16. Thanks for stopping by from Nester's today. If your lOoking for your next crochet project check out loads of patterns - its a knitting & crocheting Mecca!

  17. Your scarves are gorgeous... love the basket weave pattern and yur choice of yarn. I learned to crochet when I was in fifth grade, VERY basic and a very long time ago. I remember enjoying it but haven't touched a crochet needle for years. Your Mattie looks like such a good girl. You need to make her a cozy sweater.



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