Monday, February 20, 2012

My 2012 word revisited

Back in January,
 I decided that the word "organize"
would be my focus word this year.
I really like the thought of it
but the actual doing of it is another thing.
Working fulltime puts a cramp in my free time
so I'm hoping that during the February school break,
 I will find a pinch of time, here and there,
 to organize a small piece of my life.
wish me luck-
I'm gonna need it!

Take care, gotta fly-


  1. Good Luck Claire. I think many can relate. Love the cartoon. Wanda

  2. I'm working on that, too. You gotta love Maxine, though.

  3. I will be tackling a couple of small organizational projects today!

  4. Love those cartoons! Good luck with the organizing! I have the same goal for myself this year!

  5. I love this, too! This is me for sure! I've been working on my closet for weeks but I get busy and never finish, then shove most everything back in. depressing.

  6. Claire - I love your picture! Thas is a more realistic statement of what I do - no matter what my intentions are, or how good they sound! So far this year, I've organized a huge amount....problem is I set it up in a way I still don't keep it up daily and before I know it, another failed attempt. Maybe I should just re-name my categories :-D. Thanks for inviting me to come visit...

  7. That's my "new" word too - unfortunately it is a hard one to follow through on. Even as a stay-at-home mom I never have any time. But my new mantra is "one pile at a time/one corner at a time/one cupboard at a time...eventually I will get there" :)


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