Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Winter loves...

Things I love
in the winter chill.......

Chunky handknit scarf cowl
The Lyja Super Cowl - Handknit Oversized Neckwarmer - Beige Linen with Black Cord

cozy throws
Chloe Throw

Hearty piping hot bowls of chili

toasty slippers

jammies for lounging
Image Detail

mugs of hot chocolate with whipped cream

Creamy Hot Cocoa Recipe

Don't you love the cozy feeling these give you?

Take care, gotta fly-
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  1. Claire, that may be the cutest collection of pajama wearers I have ever seen!

  2. Cozy throws, hot chocolate? Throw a kindle in the mix and I am there!

  3. Wonderfully cozy post! I am all over those slippers! My feet stay cold in the winter! Hugs,

  4. yep I am a fan of winter .... nothing quite like being warm and toasty inside with the weather howling outside ... love it , and a great post ... thanks for sharing x

  5. I totally agree, I feel cozy just reading your post.

  6. Love the winter jammie pic! (As I lounge in mine!)
    Following you back :)

  7. O I love winters and these things are so on my list too.. :) I follow you back on linky and bloglovin' have a nice day.. :)

  8. Hi Claire

    We are having a mild winter in NYC this winter, but I'll enver refuse a nice bowl of chili or a cup of hot chocolate. Thanks for dropping by --I also became your follower.

  9. the only thing else you need is a warm fire toasty ha ha!! Thanks for coming by my new found friend..May you have the BEST week ever..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  10. LOVE all of these! I actually just put together some of my favorite stuff of the moment to give-away on my blog! I'd love for you to enter!


    PS: Now I REALLY want hot chocolate!

  11. Love all your winter picks, Claire!
    Thanks for stopping my my blog...hope to see u often:)

  12. What a nice cozy the scarfs


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