Saturday, December 24, 2011

Working in an elementary school
 gets pretty crazy around holiday time!
 The kids are bouncing off the walls
 and so are all the adults!
It's a very busy time of year
 and little kids are waiting for the big guy
 to arrive on Christmas Eve!
 So what was I to do but join in on the chaos!!!
 We were in school until the 23rd
 which makes it hard for all-
so last week I began the ornament extravaganza -
 over the past 5 days the kids have made 10 ornaments
 and by the end of this week they will
  have  about 14 ornaments
 to present to their families
 as a holiday gift-
 they are all super excited
 and in the midst of it all
 we are trying to teach!!!
I thought I'd show you the ornaments
 they have made
 but I can't show you their
cute and very excited faces- 
you understand!
I also had to rework some of the ideas I had -
 you forget what a little 6 and 7 year old
 can actually do when it comes to crafts
 so some ornaments
 have been revamped for a 1st grader!!
  We began with an easy reindeer.
 It included 3 Popsicle sticks,
 2 google eyes,
 a brown marker and
 brown pipe cleaner,
 2 red pompom balls
 and a green foam holly leaf-
 the kids colored the sticks in with markers
 and happily glued away!!

 Another reindeer we made was with their hand print.
 They dipped their palms in brown paint
 and pressed them onto blue card stock-
 after waiting overnight,
 they decorated them with ribbon,
 a bell and a pompom-
 what parent won't love a remembrance
of their child's hand at that age!
 On the same idea,
 they dipped their pointer and thumb into white paint
 and then pressed them onto red card stock
 forming a wee little snowman-
 we added arms and a little foam black hat-
 adorable for the tree!
They decorated trees made from Popsicle sticks
 and the sparkly jewels made them smile.

  Next came a little felt mouse
 and an added plastic candy cane

will hang them on the tree.
We made Santa bellies,
 Hershey kiss mice,
 foam gingerbread men,
 plastic spoon santas,
 coffee filter angels,
 styrofoam cupcakes
 they'll be making one more felt Christmas mouse
 with a real candy cane!
  It's so much fun to see their little eyes light up each day
 when I show them what they will be making
 and by Friday
 they will be spinning like tops!!
 But, this is what life is really all about-
putting a little delight in all their little lives!
Oh what fun it is!!
Take care, gotta fly- Claire
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