Thursday, December 22, 2011

GW Holidays

Although my holiday decorating is done
is it really ever done!!

I ran into Club GW the other day and
what to my wondering eyes should appear but
three GW elves

bedecked and bedazzled in velvet and jingles!

The bins were all jumbled and tossed all about
as I heard the GW manager shout
Here they come - watch out-
there's much more to see-
and my eyes settled onto
2 bottle brush trees!!

As I ran through the store all happily fed
there it was
my favorite
-an old fashioned wood sled!!

the brass horn berrified
 and the size 8 skates wide
 were an added thrill
as I got my fill!!

So, never say never
where decorating goes
but always remember
to smell the bargains with your nose
to go with the flow!!

Take care, gotta fly- Claire

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  1. Club GW here in Dayton never has goodies like this! You hit the mother lode, Claire. Elves, skates, a sled- woo hoo. Here is wishing you a wonderful Christmas! Sue


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