Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hanging out on a limb

I was in one of my favorite discount chains the other day and spotted some pictures I loved-
At $30 a pop, there was no way they were coming home with me-
so I took a few pics with my trusty phone
and started re-creating in my mind!

I am always picking up framed art at GW-not for the art but for the frames-
and with my trusty Krylon spray-
the frames are new to go!

After flipping the art over, I spray mounted some scrapbook paper from my stash-
My chalkboard vinyl was perfect for the birds and
the words would be created with "the machine"!!
I hadn't used this in awhile so I was excited to bring it back to life-
With a few cranks-it was set-
the letters popped out-
and I was good to go!!

I didn't want to use the same black vinyl for the limb
 so I decided to use the real thing and spray it
and I attached it with hot glue-
the clothespins also got a quick spray
voila, a simple and very cheap project-
floating pictures for my screened porch!
The smaller pic- mommy and daddy bird
the larger is the whole flock!

The whole thing cost me a whopping $3.98-( the cost of the 2 framed "art" pieces!)
I had everything else-
Just what I love, a cute and simple project for pennies!

Well, gotta fly-Claire

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